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Chiu Technical Lumina FO-150 Dual Goose Neck Light Source Illuminator

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Lumina Model F0-150 Dual Goose Neck Light Source Illuminator:

  • Low cost, efficient, reliable 150W AC quartz Halogen light source
  • Interchangeable EKE or extra bright EJA lamp
  • Special rear mounted switch controls a circuit which extends bulb life up to 10 times
  • soft start dimmer switch reduces inrush current and lengthens bulb life
  • Front panel dimmer facilitates smooth light change from zero to 100%
  • Ultra quiet, low vibration fan
  • Hinged front pane; for easy bulb replacement, no tools required
  • Rugged all metal construction
  • Fuse: 3 A
  • Input:  150 W
  • Manufactured: NY, USA
  • Operates on 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 A single phase main power input