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B&K Precision 2125 20MHZ Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Sold out

B&K Precision 2125 Dual Trace Oscilloscope with 2 B&K probes. Unit may have some scratches and dings.


  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 MHz
  • Dual Sweep Generators
  • Four Sweep Modes
  • Sum and Difference Capability
  • 5 mV/div Sensitivity for Full Bandwidth
  • Calibrated Time Measurements
  • Selectable Normal (Triggered) or Automatic Sweep Modes

The B&K Precision 2125 20 Hz to 20 MHz Dual-Trace Oscilloscope features dual sweep generators, four sweep modes, sum and difference capability, 5 mV/div sensitivity for full bandwidth, calibrated time measurements, and selectable normal (triggered) or automatic sweep modes.