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goTenna Pro X Deployment

Be ready to deploy at a moment’s notice with goTenna Pro X & ATAK.
Comes with 20 goTenna Pro X devices, and can transport, charge and maintain up to 30
Compact, ruggedized case
7-inch touchscreen display
Stores critical applications and can wirelessly download to smartphones without cell, wifi or satellite
19.20” x 15.20” x 7.30”, weighs ~25lbs

Case Dimensions WxHxD 19.75 x 16 x 7.625 in
Weight 20.54lb / 9.3Kg*
FCC Approved
IC Approved
CE Approved
Battery Life (Nominal) 1.5 hours**
Battery Specification Li-polymer, 14.4v, 4 cell, 99w/hr
Charge Time 10 hours max
Power Input 110/220VAC
Power Cable IEC standard connector, 110-250VAC
International Cable Options US, EU, AU/NZ
Auxiliary Power Input 12VDC
Processor Raspberry Pi
Display 7” 800×480 Capacitive Touch Screen
USB 4x USB 2.0
Internet Connectivity Ethernet, WiFi
Internal Storage 32GB
External Storage Micro SD

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